Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

How often can we expect Black Health to host community focused events:

Black Health will host 3-4 community based events monthly. We are committed to ensuring the youth aged 2-18 can rely and depend on an event each month as well as the young adults aged 21-25. While the other programs for Black Health will be featured on a rotating schedule.

When can we expect the first Annual Black Health Main Event?

Black Health is excited to invite our community, sponsors, and partners to our Kick Off Event This January. The theme for this event will be “Better Together” and take place in Dallas Texas. As expected this event will be an all-inclusive glimpse into the love and education Black Health provides the world. We will celebrate and empower each other through hands on wellness activities, games, keynote speakers, shared testimonies, and sponsorship speeches. We are ecstatic to use our Kick Off Event to highlight and thank our sponsors for everything they do empower Black Health.

What separates Black Health from other non profits?

Black Health elevates itself by engaging the community as a whole on a consistent basis. We pride ourselves on being all inclusive and ensuring that no need goes unmet. In addition to our consistent monthly events and efforts, Black Health provides a loving family and support allowing each community to build a new foundation following the Black Health principles, “Better Together.”

What are the future goals for black health ?

Initially Black Health will be an all inclusive community support corporation for the Dallas/Fort Worth. Before the conclusion of 2020, Black Health will begin a state to state expansion with plans to become a nationally recognized and appreciated corporation by the end of 2022. With global efforts surfacing in 2021 Black Health will provide community support, resources, and empowerment internationally by 2022. In addition to geographical expansion Black Health will expand its efforts to provide support for fatherless youth, womens rights pertaining to trafficking, rape, and abuse, and advocate for Black male youth and adolescents in regards to human rights, safety and value in America.